Documentary Photography Barcelona

DOCfield14, an event of documentary photography in Barcelona, and the Serra i Abella School of Art and Design present OnBarcelona. A project that brings together the vision of twelve photographers about the city, exploring social, labor, artistic, and transgressive aspects.

Client: DOCfield14
Date: 2014
Services: Website

For my class project, I was chosen to design OnBarcelona’s website based on my idea.

I was responsible for creating a website that was both visually appealing and useful, ensuring an optimal user experience for both visitors and participating photographers. For design, I opted for Adobe Muse because it facilitates interactive prototypes and collaborative work.

The website design is simple and elegant. I wanted the photos to be the main focus, so I created a clean design that highlights them. I also added interactive features so that people can explore the photos and learn more about the photographers.

The end result was a website that met all requirements and exceeded them. It offered an innovative and attractive way to promote emerging talent in the field of photography in Barcelona.