Internet of Things (IoT)

Onnergy is an international IoT company present in various European markets. Onnergy is a specialist in IoT engineering, which involves mobile application and web development, and its executives have proven track records in ICT & IoT outsourcing, marketing automation, and smart energy.

Client: Onnergy
Website: onnergy.com
Services: Web design, icons

In this project, I had the privilege of leading the complete redesign of Onnergy’s website. I took on the responsibility of revitalizing the online presence of this company.

My responsibilities ranged from the initial conceptualization to the final implementation of the new design. I collaborated with the Onnergy team to comprehend their needs, goals, and brand values. Through research and analysis, I identified areas for improvement and opportunities to optimize the user experience.

The main objective of this project was to create a website that offered a seamless and engaging experience for its visitors. Using HTML and CSS as my main development tools, I set out to design an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that would make it easy for users to access relevant information and interact with products and services.

I used attractive visual elements, clear information architecture, and simplified navigation to achieve my goal. I also made certain that the new design was completely responsive, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices and screen sizes.

Additionally, I designed all the graphical elements of the website, including icons. From conception to implementation, every graphic element was carefully designed to complement the website’s overall aesthetic and enhance the user experience.