Equality Plan

Guide for inclusive and non-sexist language use

PrevenControl | ITV is a company that offers ITV services in eight locations in Catalonia, all of them in the northern region. In addition to these, ITV has mobile units that can be used as itinerant stations.

Client: PrevenControl | ITV
Date: 01/02/2024
Services: Art direction, editorial design, video, Illustration

During this project, I played an integral role from the initial phase to the final stages. I started my work by conducting a thorough research phase on the issue of gender equality and inclusive language use. The guide was created with the necessary foundation from this research.

I created the guide’s design, making sure it was both visually appealing and easy to follow for readers. To ensure that the illustrations reflected diversity and inclusion, I adapted them to include workers in diverse uniforms.

In addition, I created the promotional poster and created a mini-video, both horizontal and vertical, that will be displayed on screens at ITV stations. These visual resources were carefully crafted to effectively convey the message to a wider audience.

I had a complete commitment to this project, starting with the initial research and ending with the final artwork. My main goal was to create a clear and accessible guide that offers practical guidance on inclusive and non-sexist language use, avoiding monotony and encouraging reflection.